E-2 Visa Program

Are you a foreign national entrepreneur looking to invest in the United States? Then, the E-2 visa program may be perfect for you. The E-2 visa is an incredibly attractive option for foreign entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in the United States. This nonimmigrant visa allows entrepreneurs from select Treaty Countries, including the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Spain and Portugal, to live and work in the US while taking advantage of a great investment opportunity.

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What is E-2 Visa:

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The E-2 visa allows foreign individuals from certain countries to establish and direct a business venture in the United States. To apply for the visa, applicants must be citizens or nationals of a country that has concluded an eligible treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States, like those from the UK, Australia, Japan, Argentina, and Poland. Despite having different rules for individual countries, the E-2 visa gives foreign investors access to capitalizing on US business opportunities.

Under the E-2 Visa program, investors can create or purchase a new enterprise in the US if they meet the Program Designations. For big dreamers with limited resources, this could mean gainful employment. The E-2 visa opens up many opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs hoping to impact US businesses and create meaningful change within our global economy.

Main Terms and Conditions

Trabalhar com vistos E-2 pode ser uma excelente oportunidade para investidWorking with E-2 visas can be an excellent opportunity for foreign investors and their family members. The investor must remember that he or she may only work in the activity for which approval was granted at the time of classification. Accompanying family members will not need the same nationality and can be included under the visa classification. Spouses and unmarried children under 21 are eligible to come along, and they can apply for E-2 non-immigrant classification as dependents with generally the same period of stay as the investor. Additionally, spouses can even apply for work authorization if approved, giving them access to many career opportunities within the U.S.ores estrangeiros e seus familiares. O investidor deve lembrar de que só poderá trabalhar na atividade para a qual foi concedida a aprovação no momento da classificação. Os cônjuges e os filhos não casados com menos de 21 anos são elegíveis para se juntarem ao processo e na classificação E-2 de não-imigrantes como dependentes, geralmente com o mesmo período de permanência que o investidor. Além disso, os cônjuges também recebem autorização de trabalho, dando a eles acesso a muitas oportunidades de carreira nos EUA.

Period of Stay:

The United States allows treaty investors to obtain a two-year visa upon qualification, with the opportunity of renewal every two years. There is no limitation on the number of extensions one can receive.

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How can we assist you:

At our company, we understand that when investors decide to move abroad, it can come with several challenges. With this in mind, we offer a tailored service beyond just providing investments. We make sure to provide the necessary services to help the entire family through their transition into a new country. This includes legislation processes, support, and care to ensure a smooth integration during their stay. Our mission is to ensure that the investment into moving abroad is filled with satisfaction and accomplishment. Ultimately, the happiness of each family member should be at the forefront of any decision regarding international moves.

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Contact us; Our experts are ready to help you and resolve all your visa questions. Trust the Aranz team for comprehensive guidance.

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Contact us and ask your questions!

Contact us; Our experts are ready to help you and resolve all your visa questions. Trust the Aranz team for comprehensive guidance.

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